Reducing Complexity, Improving Return.

The real estate portfolio of the Fair Value Group is characterised by a high number of properties with strong regional diversification owned either directly or through participations.

As of 30 June 2021 the total market value of the portfolio was calculated at around €291 million. 

Taking into account the trade limitations of the REIT Act, the strategy also encompasses the targeted sales of individual portfolio properties. Here,  smaller properties and non-strategic real estate form the focus. The successive liquidation of subsidiaries is intended to lead to savings of  participation-related administration expenses, as well as to further reduce the complexity of the business model.


Since 2014, we have continued our portfolio optimisation in line with our strategy. We have sold further properties which were no longer considered part of our core portfolio. In addition to the full consolidation of all participations, we have therefore made the business model of our company substantially more transparent and also increased the  attractiveness of the Fair Value share on the capital market.

Fair Value REIT-AG