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21/02/2017 | Ad-hoc Disclosure

Fair Value REIT-AG increases planned dividend for 2016 from €0.25 to €0.40 per share


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(published on 21 February 2017, 2:29 pm)



Fair Value REIT-AG

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ISIN: DE000A0MW975



Fair Value REIT-AG increases planned dividend for 2016 from €0.25 to €0.40 per share


Munich, 21 February 2017 – The Management Board of Fair Value REIT-AG (WKN A0MW97, ISIN DE000A0MW975) intends to increase the dividend planned for the fiscal year 2016 from €0.25 per share currently outstanding to €0.40. This proposal is to be put forward to the Annual General Meeting scheduled for 2 June 2017. The corresponding total of around €5.6 million as well as around 90.4% of the preliminary net income according to German GAAP for 2016 thus fulfils the requirement of the REIT law. According to the currently unaudited figures, Fair Value REIT-AG’s net income for the year pursuant to German GAAP stood at €6.2 million in 2016, following a net loss of €2.6 million recorded in the previous year. The €8.8 million increase on the previous year is due to a higher level of net rental income, lower administrative expenses, an increase in income from equity investments and lower net interest expenses.


Fair Value REIT-AG will publish the audited financial indicators for the fiscal year 2016 on 30 March 2017.

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